The Salsa scene is a passionate community and ever growing in popularity around the world. Every day more people are joining schools and are learning to dance the seductive Salsa, the romantic Bachata or the sexy Samba and much more.

If you are in any of the below cities and wish to learn or further your dance skills, please contact any of our below list of our friends around the world and they will be happy to look after you. 🙂


BIDA (Bangkok International Dance Academy)
Bangkok Dance School

If you’re in the City of Angels Bangkok, be sure to check out BIDA: Bangkok International Dance Academy.
They are a great school of talented and professional teachers.

They have been in the dance business since 2003, offering variety of dance lessons and classes from classical ballroom (standard and Latin) to Salsa, Zumba or Aerial Hammock. So it is a perfect place to learn or maintain your Latin dancing in Bangkok.


Salsa in Hawaii
Salsa dancing in HawaiiIf you’re in beautiful Hawaii, do not hesitate to contact our lovely friends who are located in the capital city Honolulu. If you would like to learn for a class or if you’re just up for some Salsa dancing in Hawaii.